Cittaslow is part of our campsite. Because Cittaslow is the international quality mark for municipalities that rank among the top in the field of living environment, landscape, regional products, hospitality and awareness, environment, infrastructure, cultural history and preservation of identity. These core values ​​are values ​​that we also maintain at a high level on our campsite.

In the first place that is of course Hospitality. Personal contact with our guests is important to us, and we would like to point out all the beauty that our environment has to offer. We pay particular attention to highlights a stone's throw from our campsite. We do this, for example, through activities such as an evening walk.

We also show you the way to the producers of regional products and to organize a tasting we also organize the Regional meal. We consciously deal with our environment, the environment, an example of which is our mini environmental street. Where we fanatically separate waste, but also pay attention to food waste. And when people can no longer eat it, our chickens often like it. We also do not use drinking or tap water to flush our toilets. That also saves energy.

Oard tekst

Our enthusiasm for Cittaslow has inspired us in the realization of our new accommodation 'Oard'. This multifunctional recreational accommodation is sustainable in various ways. You can read more about this at

For us, Cittaslow is mainly a way of life, where you pay attention to the environment around you and the people who live there. By dealing with this carefully, you can see all the beauty around you much sharper and enjoy it to the fullest!