Bels lijntje

Bels lijntje

A beautiful tourist cycle path runs about 400m from our campsite; "the Bel line". Until 1970, the Bels Lijntje was a railway between Tilburg and Turnhout. There were freight and passenger trains that transported coal and goods for the textile industry of yesteryear in Tilburg.

Now you can cycle quietly. You can be in Turnhout with an hour of cycling through the Belgian nature reserve! The capital of the Belgian Kempen and known for the National Museum of the Playing Card. Turnhout also has 'hidden places', a brewery and various museums.

Cycling to Turnhout you will pass Weelde Station, the place where the large border station used to be. The platform was 100 meters long and is still visible

You can also cycle the other way to Tilburg, a bustling city with various cultural activities, museums such as the Textile Museum, the Pont and Het Spoorpark. There is no lack of fun, inspiring, 'must see' or 'must eat' locations! A surprising city. love at second sight.

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