To discover Great War

In recent years 'great war' has been commemorated in Belgium. World War I took place 100 years ago. Since our commemoration, there is a lot to experience and learn about the 1st World War that lasted from 1914 to 1918 in our border area. Three educational and interactive routes give an insight into what this war brought about in our area.

Regional products

More and more interesting companies are active that offer regional products for sale. Come by soon.

Discover Open Churches

The churches in the region are open for viewing during the summer months. Volunteers receive i warmly and answer your questions.

Enclave village Baarle-Nassau / Hertog

The unique border situation of this village with two nationalities offers much to discover. The boundaries are already visible during a walk.

Christoffel Chapel and Route House

The Christoffel chapel is a stone's throw from our campsite. A nice quiet place to light a candle and take a look.

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