Put on your walking shoes!

What better way to discover the area than walking? There are several ways: you can use the walking node network and compose your own route or use an existing walking route. Are you adventurous? Then walk into the forest and follow the paths criss-cross through the forest.

The walking route network

The walking junction network makes it very easy for you. The walking route network is a network of beautifully signposted hiking trails, all over North Brabant. Each node of hiking trails has a number. By walking from one node to the next, you create your own walking route.

Chaamse Kilometer

This is a cultural walk led by a guide from the Chaamse local history association. With this guide you visit the Ledevaert Church, a national monument; the old town hall, and also the Chaams Hoenderhok. Here live chickens of the old famous chicken breed 'het Chaams hoen' are present.

Chaamse Forest

If you start walking from camping Boshoven, it is possible to walk through the woods to Breda. This forest area extends like a long ribbon with a narrow spur to the Boshoven hamlet. The forest area stops at the boundary of the catchment area of ​​the Strijbeek brook on the west side and the Leije on the east side.

Historical Kilometer Alphen

This is a village walk through the center of Alphen led by a guide. You will lead them past the most striking buildings and places and tell fun anecdotes and interesting facts. The history of Alphen in a nutshell.

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Cycling and walking near Alphen.

There’s great walking and cycling around Camping Boshoven. This route map shows the cycling and hiking routes in the immediate surroundings. These are official and well-marked routes that make use of the junction network, so enjoy a care-free day out! How does the route map work Slide the map around and zoom in and out to get a better view of the routes.

The tabs at the top of the map allow you to switch between walking and cycling routes. Tip: would you like to plan your route ahead of time? Map out your walking or cycling route through North Brabant with the online route planner on www.visitbrabant.com. Cycling and walking via the junction network in North Brabant If you're a keen cyclist or walker and visiting North Brabant, you can easily find your way around using the intersection network: a network of beautiful and clearly signposted walking and cycling paths throughout North Brabant.

Each intersection is numbered. You can cycle or walk from one intersection to the next, creating your own unique route. The cycle and walking paths are signposted with the intersection numbers and arrows showing you the way. Getting lost is a thing of the past! Each intersection also has a panel with a map, so you are always free to adjust your route if you wish. The distances between the intersections are also indicated on the signs. And of course the network doesn't just stop at the province border.

To create the route click on `NAAR ROUTEPLANNER´